Wetco Synergies is a Private incorporated on  January, 2010.  It is classified as non-Govt.  company and register with security exchange commission of Pakistan. Wetco Synergies brings for the lives, a new breath of air in the HVACR market in 2010 but with the passage of time We provided the results by top quality management.

Our strength is in its creative and experienced team, which has made its every product the “Specialty”. Whether it’s about residential, Light Commercial products, or commercial product , our experts deliver the very best in their own unique style  and the continuous source of motivation in the employees is the very clear vision of the company, “To make Wetco the LEADING BRAND in providing one window solutions all over the Pakistan.”

Wetco Synergies is increasing its product line to get financial stability. We are continuing to execute on our business model with continued revenue growth and low operating expenses. Wetco Synergies is intending to increase its investment to expand its sales and marketing.